Teeny Dini Human Hair Doll’s Wig- Wash, Style, Blow Dry Doll’s Wigs, Just Like Mom Does | Toy Wigs for Girls - Also Includes Styrofoam Head for Sheitel Wigs (Dark Short Lub)

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Brand: Dini Wigs

Color: Dark Short Lub


  • 💃 TURN YOUR GIRLS DREAMS INTO A REALITY – This mini wig is one of the best gifts you can ever get your child or students, it will keep them busy for hours and help develop their hair stylist talents and career. Making it the perfect size for girls ages 7 to 14.
  • 💃 WIGS ARE MADE FROM 100% REAL HUMAN HAIR – Each doll comes with 1 brown lob wig and 1 Styrofoam head inside a multi-use travel case with a handle. The wigs are designed like real wigs with clips and combs, so your little ones can get the real feel and practice on working with real people’s hair.
  • 💃 ENCOURAGES IMAGINATIVE PLAY AND CREATIVITY – Pretend play is essential for young children. Toy wigs and dolls are an excellent way for kids to develop social and language skills all while encouraging imagination and creativity.
  • 💃 COMPLETE HAIR STYLING SET | READY TO PLAY AND LEARN – Two types of wigs are available, one long blonde real human hair and one black lob style length wig. Wigs and dolls can be purchased individually or in a set of 1 wig and a doll, or 2 wigs and a doll.
  • 💃 MADE BY A BRAND THAT CREATES REAL WIGS – Dini Wigs are made from the highest-quality untreated European hair. The same quality and attention detail go into making every wig for these high-end dressed up dolls just as it goes into real high end wigs for women at Dini Wigs.

Binding: Toy

Publisher: Teeny Dini

Details: Don't wait till your precious girls grow up to pursue their dreams, you can get started right now!

Watch as your child embarks on a fun fulfilled journey of imaginative play and creativity with the Dini Wigs Teeny Dini Wigs and Doll!As our customers say;Teeny Dini Wig is like no other Wigs on the market➤ Each set includes one 19 inch doll + one wig + a Styrofoam head to hold the wig!
The wigs come equipped with clips and combs, just like real hair accessories. The wigs are designed to fit any 16-inch or 18-inch doll too!Note: Wigs can be purchased individually, or as a set of a doll with 1 wig style, or a set of a doll with two wig styles.➤ Fantastic Way to Have Your Child Build A Lifelong Passion and Career for Hair Styling!
Since the wig is made from real hair; they can learn to brush, wash, blow-dry, style and even dye the hair. The possibilities are truly endless!Playing with real hair wigs has numerous benefits for young children:
✅ Provides kids with a sense of responsibility
✅ Develop social skills
✅ Can help them grow up to be caring adults
✅ Allows them to tap into their imagination and creativity
✅ Encourages communication and sharing➤ Made by a World-Renowned Wig Manufacturer!
Dini Wigs are manufactured in the USA and are widely regarded as the most beautiful wigs on the planet.
The quality and attention to detail that goes into making each one is second to none.
Each wig is made from the highest quality untreated European hair and the lightest, most resilient and comfortable nets. ➤ Note: Actual Colors May be Slightly Different from Pictures Due to Computer Screen's Resolution, Brightness, and Contrast. You got nothing to lose. Get this amazing Dini wig and doll to keep your little one busy while developing long term skills and career opportunity.Dreams Do Come True - Prove It by Buying This Wig and Doll Set Today!