GEX Toupee For Men Human Hair HairPiece 0.03mm Ultra Thin Skin V-loop Medium Density Wig Replacement Systems Mens Toupee NG(1B# Natural Black)

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Brand: gexworldwide

Color: Natural Black


  • 1.Made with thinnest&transparent-0.03mm skin, the NG toupee is our most natural one. Skin-touch skin make you comfortable and make systems undetectable.
  • 2.V-looped hair make it easy to style in any direction, toupee appears as if hair grows out of your own scalp.
  • 3.Base size is 8" x 10", it can be cut to your size. The hair density is Light-Medium 90%, ethereal hair make you style adorable.
  • 4.6" High-quality Indian Human hair with 30mm slight wave meet your daily needs of hair styles.
  • 5.We are always here with all our heart to solve your problems before and after sales. Free returns for quality issues, , purchase without worries.

Publisher: GEX Worldwide

Details: NG/Mirage/Skin

The toupee base of NG/Mirage/Skin is made of thin PU,they looks very natural.
NG(Next Generation Skin) is comprised solely of a micro thin layer that,when secured takes over where nature left off.So thin there is no definition between the client's natural hair and where the base begins.
Mirage is similar with NG,but the base is a little thick than NG.
Skin Units are also our top selling.We sell so many Mirage and NG everyday.On the other hand,not everyone prefer the poly skin to be so thin.Normal thickness skin(0.12-0.14mm) are also quite welcomed there days.So we are pleased to keep this skin in stock from 2015.The hair,the base,the workmanship.etc.Everything is made according to our usual high standards.With more consideration of durability,we make the poly-skin into medium thickness.And the density is in Medium 130%.

Package Dimensions: 9.3 x 7.4 x 3.7 inches