15'' Inch Styrofoam Head Wig Head Mannequin Manikin, Style, Model & Display Women's Wigs, Hats & Hairpieces Stand - Large, by Adolfo Designs

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Brand: Adolfo Designs

Color: White


  • PREMIUM QUALITY PRODUCT: Lightweight yet sturdy, these salon certified head forms are durable and pack well in wig cases while keeping your wig or hairpiece intact for long term use.
  • STYLING COMPANION: Whether your wig is long, short, or mid-length, curly, wavy or straight, these foam heads are the perfect platform for styling your crowning glory in tip top shape!
  • ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: These lightweight, portable styrofoam heads easily transports and protects your wig. Perfect for use in the salon, at home, in clients' homes, travel, and more.
  • CLAMP HOLE: Designed with a hole on bottom, this foam head mannequin will fit perfectly on standard table top wig clamps as well as wig box clamps for convenience.
  • SIZE IT RIGHT: Available in eight different sizes, each of a different height, these styrofoam heads are designed to extend the life of your wig, and preserve the longevity of its beauty.

Binding: Health and Beauty

Publisher: Adolfo Designs

Details: EASY STYLING AND DISPLAY Adolfo Designs styrofoam wig heads are expertly shaped to best fit any style wig or headpiece. Their classic oval dome shaped head with a large forehead fit wigs with large head sizes and bangs. Available in eight sizes of varying heights, these Adolfo Designs wig stands allow you to choose the best for the length of your wig or height of your display. Choose from: 10.5” 11" 12" 13" 15” 17” 19” 22” Choose the size that is most comfortable for you to work with. Curl, comb, or color it to your heart’s content! Wash and shampoo it and then place it on this foam wig head to dry! Brush, comb, or dangle your curling iron on it within your arm’s reach and comfort level! Curl, crimp, highlight, ombre, or balayage galore! Adolfo Designs styrofoam heads are strong and durable, feel free to stick in pins when styling your wig and still have your stand in good working order! Product features: Quality Styrofoam White Color 6 Size Options Wig Clamp Hole A HIGH QUALITY, PORTABLE PRODUCTThese Adolfo Designs wig heads are made with premium quality styrofoam that retains its shape and quality through continued use. Use it for your wigs and hairpieces at leisure; it will prove your best buddy for styling, traveling, and storage. Lightweight and portable, it is easy to pack into a wig box for traveling or on-the-go styling. It will prove your best buddy on business trips, leisure vacations, or for hairstylists traveling between client’s homes or salons. Each and every size of these wig heads is designed to fit a corresponding sized carrying case by Adolfo Designs for easy portability on the go! Adolfo Designs styrofoam head stands are good for more than just wigs!. Top them with a beret, beanie, cowboy hat, headband and more, for a stylish display!

Package Dimensions: 15.0 x 6.5 x 6.4 inches