12" Styrofoam Wig Head - Tall Female Foam Mannequin Wig Stand and Holder - Style, Model And Display Hair, Hats and Hairpieces - For Home, Salon and Travel - by Cantor

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Brand: Cantor


  • FOR SALON, HOME & TRAVEL: Our foam heads are durable, lightweight and easy to pack in wig cases while still keeping your wig or hairpiece in perfect condition. It's the perfect display stand or holder to safely store or transport your wig .
  • STYLING & TRAVEL CLAMP COMPANION: The foam styling head features a clamp hole at the bottom that fits perfectly on standard table top wig clamps and wig box clamps to keep your wig secure as you wash, cut and style.
  • PERFECT SIZES: These female mannequin heads have 12" or 15" long necks, making it easy for you to find the perfect size for your long or short haired wig. Let your wig hair flow freely without getting bunched and damaged.
  • EASY TO USE: Just pin your wig to the styrofoam mannequin head stand and it’s ready to use. There are no cranks, twisting or turning. It's the simplest way to secure your precious wig as you do extensive or quick touch-ups.
  • QUALITY HAIR CARE PRODUCTS: Cantor produces a wide range of premium grade hair and wig care products for use by professional cosmetologists, stylists and women at home. Made with premium materials, it is built to last.

Publisher: Cantor

Details: Cantor styrofoam wig heads are the best quality wig stands. With a variety of sizes and heights you can find the right one for your wig. It’s the perfect mannequin head to display, style, store and transport all of your hairpieces. It accommodates any length wig, whether your wig is long, short or mid-length we’ve got the perfect height for you. It’s great for curly, wavy, or straight wigs and hairpieces. It makes protecting your wig during travel and storage easy. It comfortably fits into wig boxes and carrying cases. Cantor makes maintaining the look and condition of your human hair or faux hair wigs effortless. PRODUCT FEATURES: Quality Styrofoam Long-lasting and Durable Great for All Wig Types Color: White Wig Clamp Hole for Travel Cases and Styling AVAILABLE SIZES: 12 inch 15 inch MAKES STYLING EASY! Cantor mannequin heads are made from premium quality Styrofoam that lasts even through continued use. It’s lightweight and portable making it easy to style wigs on the go. It’s easy to pack into a wig box for traveling or on-the-go styling. It works to keep your wigs secure so you can easily cut, style or color. Hair and wig stylists will appreciate this as a handy tool for styling during travel and between client’s homes and job locations. It’s great for women and men, it may even be used for toupees. STYLISH DISPLAY Do you need to display a luxurious wig? This foam wig head is perfect for display wigs in your home, storefront, salon or wherever! It features a human-like face and head that offers a more realistic presentation for all type of wigs. It’s made from a premium quality Styrofoam and accommodates all types of hairpieces.

Package Dimensions: 11.5 x 10.0 x 5.7 inches